Choosing your Wedding Colours

Claire Lycett

We chatted to a lot of brides at the National Wedding Show last weekend and it made us think we should get this out sooner than we planned.

I know we're a flower girl company so this is technically a little out of our area. But we get to speak to loads of brides and grooms and this is something which seemed to trouble those couples who hadn't picked the colours yet. So we thought we'd throw a little bit of advice into the ring and see what we could help with.

For me, choosing my wedding palette was central to the whole wedding. The colour scheme was literally, in my mind, keeping it all together.

If you know your rough colours things will (sort of) start to fall into place in other areas. If you're having Blush and Ivory as your colours you will now have a rough idea of what will work in terms of flowers, bridesmaid dresses, groom suits, flower girl dresses....even your mum will know what to wear to tone in (believe me, many mums will love you for this information as far in advance as possible!).

Some companies offer a wide colour range, but by no means exhaustive so it's nice to know where you'll compromise and in what area.

What are your favourite colours or do you have any special colours?

What do you love seeing on wedding shoots? What do you NOT like seeing on wedding shoots? It's yours and your partner's day so choosing something means something to you both can be important and make the day that bit more personal. One of the brides we spoke to had chosen navy and yellow – her husband was in the military and she wanted to circle her colours around his dress uniform.


What colours look good on you?

If you're going to be displayed on a back drop of purple that is going to look beautiful but if purple doesn't suit you....? That doesn't mean that you can chose a main colour which does make you look incredible and then have purple as a colour pop in your flowers, ribbons, detailing on your bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.


    House of Colour claim that that every woman has a section of colours which suit her best. They might not be the ones we're the keenest on but I promise you'll find a shade that suits.

    A good way to try them out is pick some outfits and hold them up against your face in natural light in front of a mirror. Which ones makes your smile brighter, your eyes sparkle, your skin look smoother?

    If you would rather, it's also a giggle to have your colours done. And it can be a surprise! You can book consultations at

    What time of year are you having the wedding?

    Spring Wedding or Christmas wedding? Ok, you may not want to go for red and green if you're having a Christmas wedding, but think about what will go with the inevitable Christmas tree/decor if you're getting married in a country house or hotel venue.

    Consider doing some research on the flowers range which will be in season or how much they will cost out of season. Sky blue with white would look beautiful and give an icy, wintery feel to the wedding for example without going over the top Christmas. And think how cute you and your bridesmaids and flower girls would look with white faux fur capes or pretty knitwear....

    Are you wearing white?

    Rachel, co-founder of With Grace decided to wear red instead of white. Of course she made it herself! This might mean you need to re-think your colours depending on what you pick. A red dress will look stunning with some colours but red with baby blue? Think what would tone in with your dress. Rachel opted for muted greys and blacks for her bridesmaids which made her dress pop all the more.

    I am not sure the world is ready for this wedding. However please, correct me if I am wrong!




    Use Pantones

    I won't lie, I didn't know what a Pantone was if it had hit me in the face before I started working in the wedding industry, but Pantone, Inc. is the authority on colour, provider of colour systems and leading technology for accurate communication of color.

    For you and me, it's those dot things in the picture next to this text.

    They can provide some really helpful advice on which shades suit your main colour and compliment it, even if they seem complete opposites. Going for alternative colours can work really well – we do several of our dresses in 2016/2017 colour 'clashes' like Baby Pink and Mint Green. Sound awful? They look amazing and are going to be huge over the next 2 years.



    Fitting in your flower girl

    Your flower girl can be a real feature of your wedding. You can put her in ivory with a sash or highlights to match your bridesmaid dresses or you can really run wild with her dress. One bride we spoke to over the weekend was planning to put her daughters in Blush and Baby Pink dresses but alternate the main colours of the dresses and sashes with silver Converse. Beautiful! We can't wait to see it.

    So here we have some idea palettes which we have displayed on our Pinterest board from many genius wedding sources which you can click to go through to their websites just for you! Enjoy.

    And remember – it's your wedding. All of the advice we give you is meaningless if you know what you want. You have a vision in your head? This is your ideal chance to run free with it and enjoy your planning!

    If you're stuck for bridesmaid ideas check out Tulle and Chantilly - they have a fantastic website which is really helpful!

    Greys, Blues and Pinks


















    And loads more!




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