Little Look with (With) Grace!

Back in the misty days of February (remember when we had blossom in February?!) we were lucky enough to work with the lovely Rose Brookes of Little Look.

Rose has always had a brilliant eye for beautiful things. Inviting us into her stunning home in leafy Blackheath, Rose styled our shoot to perfection while her gorgeous daughter Alba sat and watched us until her Grandmother took her out for some quality time.

Little Look’s signature interior design style encourages creativity and play, whilst complementing your home and lifestyle.

Rose has an uncanny feel for children’s clothing and toys that are functional, environmentally friendly and beautiful. This works well for With Grace who have a similar ethos of developing clothing that is functional, comfortable, sustainable and beautiful for children.

Having known Rose’s sister Lorna since University we were also lucky enough to be ‘leant’ the lovely Scout and her friend Poppy to model some of our dresses for us. Both children had a wonderful time and there even some tears when they dresses were taken off!


Poppy and Scout modelled our tulle collection in Duchess Satin and Silk Dupion and then changed into silk dresses for the second part of the shoot.

They also modelled our Hatter for With Grace headband collection beautifully with minimal removals occurring! They were very well behaved for little girls not quite two and we hope to use them again for our next collection.

If you’d like to know more about Rose’s work at Little Look you can find her website here.

We sell all of the dresses featured in this blog either on our collection page or you can build them using our dress builder in different colours and fabrics.


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