Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about ordering With Grace Couture dresses and Accessories!

 Your Flower girl dresses are lovely! But why are they more expensive than high street providers or dresses from China?
 We make flower girl dresses to fit your child as opposed to offering a high street 'size'. You measure your child and we make the dress to fit them.
 Also, unlike high street shops, we offer you over 14, 500 different combinations of material and style to make your perfect dress. We believe that every child is different and a With Grace dress is something they can keep long after they have grown out of it.
Dresses from China are rarely how they appear in the picture. With us you're assured a quality item which will fit to perfection.
 So why should I buy from you?
 We don't just offer a dress – we offer a service. Virtually everything from our shop is made to order by craftsmen right here in the UK. We don't just deliver a dress, we deliver a couture item which can be worn by your child for long after the event is over as a party dress.
 We offer great choice and value for money for a quality item.
 Ok, I like the sound of this. What is the difference between the Duchess Satin and the Silk Dupion?
 Our Duchess Satin and Tulle are 100% polyester,  and so can be washed in a machine on a gentle setting and ironed with a cool iron. This means the fabrics are sturdier and can be worn again many times after the wedding and is easy to clean any spills or stains. It also is less likely to crease so will look photo ready throughout the day

The Silk Dupion is a more luxurious fabric that is always popular in the bridal industry, with the beautiful sheen that only a natural fibre can give. It is hand woven and has a "slub"  through it which gives the fabric a raised texture. It is lighter weight and more breathable than the Duchess Satin, and is dry clean only.

 So how does this work?
 You chose your dress using our design app. If you see something on the website which you also like, we can make that up too, you just need to email us a link to the picture and we can set up an order for you.
 You will let us know when you need the dress for and your child's rough measurements and we will start the making process. You need to email us 10 weeks before the event with the specific measurements. Don't worry – we have a fully explained chart on our Sizing Chart page. If you forget we will send you an email to remind you.
When do you deliver?
 We deliver your dress and accessories 6 weeks before your wedding or event date.
 Why do you deliver then?
 If your child has grown before the 10 week period we are very limited with what we can do with the dress. Children can often grow quickly, and the last thing you want to be bothered by is the stress of their dresses not fitting. So we do not deliver until at least 6 weeks before. This gives you time to try it on the child and also to ensure that the item can be sent back to us to re-fit if emergency strikes or something isn't right.
 Really? You do that?
 Yes we do. We believe that the dress will fit if you have measured your child correctly but we know that sometimes trouble can occur. So we will always try and make sure your item is right within reason.
 Do I have to pay for the postage back to you if this happens?
Yes I am afraid you do. But we will post it to you again free of charge. We will only accept the dress back once and this will only be in an emergency. It is your responsibility to ensure that all measurements are correct at the 10 week period.
 How do you post it?
 By courier. Within the UK we will always send it via courier who will collect a signature on delivery.
 For a full list of our terms and conditions please click here.
 But I need it in 4 - 8 weeks?
 Ok, we can just do this but it does entail a £40 rush fee. It will also depend with accessories on whether the individual maker can provide them in time.
 Why is that?
 We will need to get this dress into production asap and deliver it to you quickly. To do this we need to order material in as fast as possible and designate it to a maker very quickly. This does eat up admin time and delivery cost so we do charge a fee for this.
 Can you provide a dress or custom made accessory in under 4 weeks?
 No. However it's always worth giving us a call if we have something on our website which has been featured in a shoot. We may be able to alter or provide this dress but this is very much subject to individual requests and often the item is not in the right size.
 We can however help with a sash and accessories if you can find a high street dress that we can dress up. We will help wherever we can.
 Can I order swatches?
 Yes you can! We will send 5 free and then they are £5 for another 5. Please state which fabrics and which colours on our form on our website here.
 I can't see the exact colour I want but I know I want one of your dresses?
 If your bridesmaids colour is not one of our standard range,  we offer a colour matching service for an extra £30.
We have lots of contacts with fabric suppliers and will do our best to get as close a match to your preferred colour as possible. Just email us with your pantone if you know it or to arrange to send us a sample at
You may not always be able to have your preferred fabric choice as silk dupions tend to have a much better colour range. We may also be able to find a better colour match in a similar but slightly different fabric choice from our standard range, so if you are set on a particular fabric choice please let us know.
 I want your dresses but I want something extra special
 We do do a couture service for an extra charge. For this we need plenty of extra time as it will entail your dress being designed to your exact specifications. Please email and put 'Couture Dress Service' in the title or fill in our form on our page in the menu here.